Swedish massage therapist education
For more than 25 years our Swedish massage therapist education, has been one of the most popular masseuse education in the industry. The education is well known for being a solid and professional practical education, which is constantly optimized and developed according to the latest knowledge within the field.

Swedish massage therapist

150 lessons

Duration ca. 6 mdr.

In english and danish

Price for step 1

Kr. 20.995,-

Sports massage therapist


Get specialized in injuries

60 lessons

Duration ca. 3 mdr.

Only in danish

Read more in danish

Step 2



RAB approved

VAT exempt

563 lessons

Duration ca. 9 mdr.

Only in danish




Read more in danish

Step 3

Why should you choose to become a certified swedish massage therapist?

At a swedish massage you work in-depth with the muscles according to needs. When attending the education as a swedish massage therapist you’ll receive knowledge on anatomy and physiology, combined with various massage techniques to treat all kinds of muscular injuries, whether it’s sports injuries, work-related injuries or something completely third. You learn to understand the different parts of the body and the body as a whole, to plan and create the most resolving treatment for optimal result. Besides the muscular treatment, you also learn to work with the connective tissue, which in recent years has shown, that it has great influence on the entire body and health. Also it is incredibly important to use your body properly when treating clients, to keep working as a masseuse through out your life – which is a great focus area at AM Massageskole.

This Swedish massage therapist education contains following modules.

Anatomy & physiology
Achieve a basic understanding of the various anatomic systems and their functioning, as well as knowledge of the structure and functions of muscles, including muscle names, attachments and function of the surface anatomy.
Movement analysis and overview
Learn how to reviewed the a clients moves and movement patterns, and how to create a specialized treatment for (a) given area(s).
Hereby you’ll learn questioning the customer’s problem and perform function testing of the joints and muscles.
Trigger points
Learn about trigger points – the story behind and how to work with them.
Working positions and exercises
We perform exercises on mats to achieve the correct working position, to avoid subsequently injuries when workning as a masseur.
Clinic guides
Learn about the opportunities you have as a professional masseuse when graduating?
How do you start a company? How do you promote myself? You will find answers to these questions and much more in this module.
Customer practice
De lærte teknikker som er øvede igennem i undervisningen på de medstuderende, skal nu afprøves på rigtige klienter, som kommer i skolens klinik. Alle behandlinger udføres med en supervisor tilstede, således at der kan stilles spørgsmål og man efterfølgende kan evaluere. Derudover taler vi om etik, kundemodtagelse og salg.

Practice different techniques on real clients at the school’s clinic – AM Klinik.

All treatments are performed with a supervisor present, who will evaluate and answer any questions.

In addition, we talk about ethics, customer reception and sales.

Swedish massage
Learn to perform af structured fullbody massage and learn who to treat simple problematic muscle conditions.
At the end of this module you’ll know where and how to treat majority of muscles, connective tissue, veins, joints and attachments
Facial massage
Learn how to perform a relaxing and de-stressing massage. Also learn about several pressure points in the face and skull.
Connective tissue treatment
The connective tissue has great impact on the musculoskeletal system, which means that it is also important to treat the connective tissue. Learn to treat the connective tissue with different techniques
Compression and vein massage
Learn simple techniques to treat klients, who suffers from edema and
water retention in the body.
Sports injuries
Get general statistics on sports injuries and a briefly introduction to treatments methodes
and massage techniques.
Get a basic understanding of moving and stretching as a treatment method, and learn to guide clients.

Next start dates

Day class (English)

Classname: Fys0821dE
Start date: 17th of August 2021

Classes: Tuesday 9.00-14.00

Day class (English)

Classname: Fys0822dE
Start date: 16th of August 2022
Classes: Tuesday 9.00-14.00

Day class (English)

Classname: Fys0222dE
Start date: 10th of February 2022
Classes: Thursday 9.00-14.00

Admission requirements

Step 1 (Certified swedish massage therapist) is a user-paid practical education with no access requirements. Step 1 is the basic education at AM Massageskole and can give access to Step 2 (Certified Sports massage therapist). But for now we only offer step 2 in danish.

Payment methodes

We offer our students high flexibility and customize your billing according to your wishes. Therefore you can choose following payment methode:


Deposit kr. 995,-

Remaining kr. 20.000,-


Pay deposit when signing up, and pay remaining just before the startdate.

Periodic repayments

Deposit kr. 995,-

7 monthly rates of kr. 3.000,-


Pay deposit when signing up and pay monthly rates – starting form the month of the course startdate.

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