Denmark's oldest and best massage school

Certified massage therapist education since 1991

Swedish massage therapist

150 lessons

Duration 6 mdr.

In danish and english

Price for Step 1

kr. 20.995,-


Specialized in injuries

60 lessons

Duration 3 mdr.

Only in danish


Trademarked title


VAT exempt

563 lessons

Duration 9 mdr.

Only in danish

We now offers the swedish massage therapist education in English

AM Massageskole was founded in 1991 with the vision of ​​raising the level of massage therapists in Denmark. Our mission is to offer the high-quality education. The teachers provides creative and inspiring tuition in physiology and anatomy, as well as the latest knowledge and trends in the world of massage. Our goal is to make sure, that you graduates and get a useful and practical education, as well as the best qualifications, that you will offer top quality massage treatments either as an employed or self-employed masseur.

Step 1

Swedish massage therapist

Step 2

Sports masseuse

Step 3


Earn more money. Become an RAB-approved and registered VAT exempt.

Undervisning til massøruddannelse

Max. 12 students in each team. The teams are made no bigger than that everyone’s learning paths can be prioritized.

High-Quality education. We continually update our materials according to industry trends. With over 25 years of experience, we now offer the best massage educations.

There is a great lack of good masseures, therefore the job opportunities is good. We help you pursue your dreams as self-employed or employed masseuse.

“While getting my education at AM massage school, I have got a good basic knowledge, which has enabled me to help my customers for a better life. I also participated at the trigger point and ADHD course. The education has since led me to have even more interest in helping people, which means that today I have a part-time clinic and a lot of other programs. But the fact that I got a good knowledge of anatomy, physiology of disease, etc., has changed my life for the better” – Maria Zeyn,

“My education at AM Massageskole has let me to a new start in my working life as a self-employed massesue. I have been extremely happy with my education, the professionalism was high as well as the tuition quality. At the various courses I have attended, there has been a good change between theory and practice, the educators was down to earth and present, which I greatly appreciated. I now say with pride that I am educated at AM Massageskole” – Jacob Serup Lundsvig

“You know that you received the best education when:
1. When an experienced colleague, after finishing back massage says, t’s the best massage he has ever recived.
2. When a professional actor, who before the premiere needs a thorough massage of the legs, subsequently quietly rises from the couch, the fist protrudes and almost with tears in the eyes thank me for the world’s best massage.
3. When the clients praise me and come again.
4. When new clients come by recommendation from others.
Every time I send a thought to Susan and Co. thank you for what I have learned from them. I can, without reservation, recommend AM Massageskole to anyone who wants the best education” – Ulrik Kirkegaard,

“I got the swedish massage therapist education at AM massage school. It was 6 intense months where one’s brain was upright, but just as difficult it sometimes could be to remember all theory, it was 10 times as exciting. It is an intimate school where you will have the opportunity to get a good and close relationship to your classmates. The teachers is eager and willing to teach from their experience and if there is any questions or doubt, it has simply explained in another way. Besides an amazing education, Susan has also been really nice to offer help afterwards. In addition, it is also great that the school offers different follow up courses, to expand my knowlagde further” – Carina Louise Fryd Petersen

When I finished my education at AM Massage school, and was looking for work, I was pleasantly surprised. The first place I apply, I got the job. Afterwards I asked why they had chosen me, they said, first and foremost because I was educated at AM Massage school”
–  Claus Cristofoli

“My education at AM Massage school has given me the oppotuniay start up my own education and becoming self-employeed. I have bild my business upon the qualification received at AM Massage school, and the demand is enormous 🙂 I would recommend AM Massage School at any time” – Lisa Bernt

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Tel: 44 53 57 51


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